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E-Commerce and Shopping Behavior

Ecommerce shopping verzx
Consumers also rely on others' opinions and decide what to buy in general. And opinions posted on social media have a strong influence on their purchase decisions.

Shopping now is never been more integrated into our lives than ever before and this is because of e-commerce. even before it skyrocketed in 2020, more and more people are to shop online than a physical store simply because e-commerce is more convenient. This is its biggest impact on consumers.

You can now shop from anywhere at any time and you can easily compare products by swiping or scrolling through a website. Another impact is that we now have more access to product reviews and customer feedback which now have become a major consideration when it comes to purchasing decisions. Consumers conduct product searches online first before making any purchase. And they’re more likely to buy from a brand if they can read product reviews or if they can watch a video explaining the product or service beforehand.

Also, they spend an average of five hours a week shopping online and most of the time through their mobile devices. That’s why we’re in the next couple of years, we can expect that mobile will be the top preferred channel for online shopping since consumers are very reliant on their mobile devices.

Consumers also rely on others’ opinions and decide what to buy in general. And opinions posted on social media have a strong influence on their purchase decisions.

Gen X tends to shop more conservatively than other generations, so when it comes to making a purchase they research thoroughly first making use of search engine social media networks. Millennials, on the other hand, are likely to be influenced by user-generated content or UGC in making a purchase. For them, images of products posted on social media by people who use the items serve as a guarantee of quality.

Gen Z, they have high expectations for online channels
and they place a high value on technology. They consider a quick and simple online checkout experience as a purchase driver.

The number one factor that triggers consumers to buy is price. They spend time finding out which brand or product has the lowest price. They’re also more encouraged to buy from a brand if the brand offers them discount coupons, free delivery, or promotion that they can use before shopping. Also, consumers want a seamless shopping experience.

So once they see the product they like. They want to be able to see the product information and read reviews if needed and proceed to checkout without a problem.

Generally, brands must provide a cohesive experience that satisfies shoppers no matter which platform they interact with them. This means they must be present wherever their market is but at the same time capture their attention. They can optimize their reach by exploring shoppable ads that act as an extension of their store, wherein products prices and other information that the consumers want to see are already showcased on the ad in a creative manner. They can also tap content creators and publishers and utilize their shareable content to reinforce their presence to their followers. These contact creators and publishers can do reviews, or distribute discount codes or share a link that takes their users back to the brand’s page and potentially need to purchase.

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