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Various industries ranging from IT, finance, media, gaming, robotics, manufacturing have already been set ML technology in practice.

Artificial intelligence is in a state of rapid change. Most companies that were evaluating or experimenting with AI now using it. Machine learning has played a vital role in this advancement. 

So what exactly is machine learning? Machine learning is a subset of Artificial intelligence, which is based on algorithms that improve automatically through experience. Various industries ranging from IT, finance, media, gaming, robotics, manufacturing have already been set ML technology in practice. 

ML’s algorithm helps some understand how the products are being used so that they can customize them according to customer choice on a large scale. Let’s take Netflix as an example. To recommend what you may be most interested in watching next, Netflix has deployed machine learning in algorithms that associate your preferences with that of users with similar tastes. 

Another good example is the automotive industry which is excelling in ML by making safe driving a reality. Nissan, Tesla, Google, and many other companies are now using ML to bring novelty to their cars. Voice recognition, IoT, and high-tech camera in combination with ML are expected to make self-driving cars a reality where you would just sit in the car and tell it the destination. The car will find the best route and will drive you safely to the desired location. It is remarkable what ML is expected to achieve in this episode. ML, however, is still getting to its very early stages as a lot of work needs to be done. In the future, machine learning would help to build self-learning robots and machines which are expected to improve their performance/efficiency without any human involvement. 

In this way, the machines can make decisions based on data by using the data from the past to predict future actions. Unimate and Sofia are examples of programmable robots. Furthermore, new robots are being designed to mimic for human brain using neural networks, AI, computer vision, and other technologies. So far we have only seen robots that perform various tasks like humans in science fiction movies but with rapid advancements in AI and ML that can also become a reality. Quantum computing is one such advancement that will give ML the capability to create systems that execute multi-state operations at the same time by using the quantum property of superposition, which will improve the processing of ML Models. 

Computer Vision would also provide the ability to identify and analyze data in the form of graphics, videos, audio, and images. ML and AI will continue to have a great impact on our lives. In the future, the need is to maintain high-speed processing systems, which will carry out ML-based algorithms with high accuracy and precision, free from any biases. This will make the creation of ML products a lot better but also more fun. With the improvement of ML tools, the data scientists will be able to focus more on efficient Machine Learning model development, rather than spending time on tedious production tasks.

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