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How will our life be after the lockdown is over?

The COVID-19 has infected more than 3.5 million people worldwide and has killed over 250K people in 215 Countries, areas, or territories so far.


The COVID-19 has infected more than 3.5 million people worldwide and has killed over 250K people in 215 Countries, areas, or territories so far.

The practice of lockdown and social distancing has been adopted in most countries to prevent COVID-19 infection, as it is the only way to prevent this deadly infection from spreading until a vaccine is introduced.

People are imprisoned in their own homes because of the lockdown/curfews. Now the question is about the COVID-19 and what would be the life after the lockdown?

There are numerous possible futures, all dependent on how governments and we as a society respond to COVID-19 and its economic repercussion. Hopefully, we will use this crisis to rebuild, produce something better, and more humane or we may slide into something worse.

After the pandemic is over, people will still be fearful and avoid having gatherings like family functions, religious functions. Even small get-togethers will be avoided for some time. The extent of this social distancing shall vary from individual to individual. The person who has lost his/her near or dear ones will take more time to overcome the trauma. Sports events would also not be able to attract mass spectators in the stadium. 

People will also be avoiding Movie theaters, Shopping Malls, departmental stores, and restaurants/hotels because of fear of reoccurrence of COVID-19. The use of public transports will also be affected drastically whether it is air, road, or rail at least 6 months after the pandemic is over.

The International Monetary Fund has recently announced that COVID-19 will lead to the biggest recession of the time. Big companies have started laying off their large number of employees worldwide. Mass retrenchment shall lead to unemployment. Recession, Unemployment, less buying capacity may result in the elimination of small retail businesses. Manufacturing industries may fall short of labor.

Undoubtedly, petrol-diesel costs will be raised sharply. Export-Import, International Treaties, Immigration shall also be the worst affected, and people may shift to e-commerce for buying most of the commodities. Online education, Healthcare industries including hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical companies will be in high demand and may become too overembellish. Work from home practice, however, will be a preferred mode for corporate working. 

Though no one perceives what would be the future of humanity after this uncertain period, it is certain that the climate and environment of Earth would be benefited entirely.

Image source: Google News, Wikipedia

This data changes rapidly and might not reflect some cases still being reported. It only includes people tested.

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