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What We Do

VerzX provides the best solutions by connecting the world’s top-caliber subject matter experts/market leaders and businesses to bring incredible transformation. When clients choose from our wide network of Industry experts and candidates, clients get solutions that are end-to-end.

Sectors we serve​

VerzX gives you unparalleled access to the world’s largest and most varied source of real-world expertise across every industry and role.

Our power in numbers

Why business choose us

The major challenge companies are facing with expert networks today is that they don’t get relevant experts in time despite agreeing to pay a huge hourly rate.

When you book a call with an expert via traditional networks like GLG, AlphaSights, Thirdbridge, Guidepoint, etc. you will pay a huge amount for their overhead costs and the expert will only get a fraction of the fee. This is where VerzX comes in, we charge a lesser margin.

VerzX will only charge for services used. No mandatory subscriptions, commitments, and overhead costs. We work on a success-based model, so you don’t have to pay unless calls happen.

On-demand Expertise

VerzX provides on-demand expertise to decision makers across industries globally. We create access to first-hand actionable knowledge through our network of carefully vetted subject matter experts.

Fortune Global 500 companies, top strategy consulting firms, and large institutional investors rely on VerzX to source, curate and deliver the expertise and insights they need. We help our clients sharpen key decisions, drive innovation, and make better informed investments.

As one of the fastest growing expert networks today, VerzX provides tailored end-to-end expert solutions to clients across the spectrum, spanning all major industry sectors, diverse geographies, and cultures.


Head of Product // Biotechnology

Jackson Miller

“Our overall experience with VerzX has been very constructive. Quick response and continuous support makes it easier for us to work with them. I always appreciate their weekend hustles to support our time-sensitive needs.”

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Global Expert Network Catering to Over 12 Sectors and 150 Sub Industries

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Operating 24/7 global team of 100+ highly skilled people work alongside our clients to provide them with real-time access to global industry professionals and their unique perspectives.